Ahmadabad one of the fastest developing cities of India is home to many rich, affluent businessmen, corporate employees and entrepreneurs.  To suit the lifestyles of such high level executives and business men many real estate companies have come up with luxurious and spacious residential apartments in Ahmadabad with the state of the art technical equipments fitted etc.

The spur in the business activities in the state, one of the largest economies of the country and also the fastest growing one, has created many job and business opportunity leading to an increase in the number of people migrating to the city. This in turn has created a demand for more and more residential apartments, both low cost and luxury. Reputed real estate developers in the city like Khyati realities, Godrej developers etc are leaving no stone unturned to fulfill this demand and create better living spaces as per the demands of the different segments of the markets.

Ahmadabad known to be a conventional city with traditional outlook is soon undergoing a transformation and the conventional image of Ahmadabad has now become that of a more modern one. Today’s customer is looking for more than just a roof over his head to satisfy his housing needs, when choosing a residential apartment in Ahmadabad.  They are looking for luxury, security and a place that is easily accessible, within the reach of all amenities, roads, shopping etc, still being safe and peaceful etc.

Also, the  number of NRI’s looking to invest in the city  is growing at a rapid pace has made developers plan and create luxurious residential apartment projects to suit the demands and needs of international lifestyles. The modern day customers prefer spacious interiors, beautiful exteriors, centrally located projects, etc.

Khyati realities, leaders in real estate sector in Ahmadabad have been developing projects to suit the needs of every sector and financial classes of the society since the year 1995. The many ventures they have developed so far speak for their expertise, experience and their understanding of the market demands. They know the pulse of the market and develop residential projects accordingly.

Features of the Luxurious Residential Apartments Developed By Khyati Realities

Their luxury residential apartment projects such as Green Aura, Greenera etc, include all such features that a modern day customer is looking out for. Great architectural planning, picturesque landscapes, beautiful exteriors apart from spacious interiors etc these modern and luxurious apartments are created with amenities such as wi fi connectivity, escalators, swimming pools, tennis court, club house etc., spacious parking spaces, easily accessible by road etc are some of the features of khyati’s projects that makes  them leaders in the real estate business.

All the components of stylish homes can be found in these modern 1BHK , 2BHK, & 3BHK apartments  in Ahmedabad which are now available in most desired specifications like vitrified tiling, tiled bathrooms with stylish plumbing and sanitary features, aesthetically designed doors, aluminum sliding windows, granite platform in kitchen.

These luxurious residential apartments appeals both to your heart and mind filling your heart with gladness. They distinguish a home owner from a quality home owner; they reveal your preferences and choice for class and quality. Choosing a right project developed by experienced and expert real estate company in Ahmadabad would be a great investment and worth every rupee invested.

The residential units from Khyati Realities Limited in Ahmedabad will meet every aspects of your luxury needs at most affordable rate. These homes are not only available with low price but provide all kind of facility also.

In a fast growing city like Ahmedabad buying house property is a difficult decision to make. A buy decision in a sluggish market is a smart move, as the companies would try to dispose off their stock, flats and houses in the case of real estate companies, by negotiating with buyers.

Though the market is sluggish, it is not a wise decision to wait for some more time expecting prices to fall, as the price of land is increasing, also the cost of construction rising, real property analysts do not expect prices of Ahmedabad house property going down any further.

On the other hand analysts say it is the right time to start buying house property as the companies are offering discounts and freebies. As buyers have a wide choice in terms of location etc they are in a better position to bargain and get discounts etc. the end users or buyers can get a better deal for their price in the right location.

Also, as the home buyers have long term investments in view along with short benefits. So they need not worry with a slight decrease or correction in the prices for now, as they are bound to increase in the long run. Every passing day creates shortage of land and therefore investing today when land is available is a wise financial decision.

With real property companies trying to attract buyers with attractive discounts and freebies, making houses affordable seems to be the flavor of Ahmedabad housing market. This was also the central point of the recently concluded three day property show, in the last week of September, 2013, conducted by the Gujarat Institute of Housing and estate developers.

Out of the 250 projects showcased at the event 125 were projects relating to affordable housing. Chairman of the organizing committee of the show said, affordable housing is the key sector and therefore 50% of the projects were affordable housing projects. Also, they say for second year in a row, affordable housing is given priority, until 2011, it was more of higher income group related projects, but now with the focus shifting to the city surrounding areas in Ahmedabad focus has now shifted to low and middle income groups.

A survey conducted by the real estate consultant reveals that there are as many as 80 different affordable housing projects in Ahmedabad. Many real estate developers have started building projects within the reach of low and middle income group families. Khyati realities, Pacifica Builders, Godrej properties have all come up with affordable housing projects. The recent past there has been a growing demand for flats within the reach of low and middle incomes groups, so the demand for 1bhk and 2 bhk is on the rise.

Realizing this trend Khyati realities affordable residential green city has been developed for people looking to buy dream homes in a reasonable price range. The projects have 1 RK and 2 RK are is strategically located 3 minutes distance from science city. The past one year has seen an increase of 9% to 13 % in the value of house property in Ahmedabad making it a destination for investments in real property.

Demand of Residential Property in Ahmadabad

The demand for residential property in Ahmadabad is soaring high. Thanks to the good policies and their implementation by the State administration for the past few years. The improvements in infrastructural facilities like electricity, roadways, and water etc. made the state a favored destination for many businesses.

With a positive outlook more and more real companies are starting ambitious residential projects in the city. Also, the government’s aggressive strategy to attract foreign and national investments has paid off, resulting in a heavy influx of investments in to the state and city. This led to the increased business activity and the demand for real property, including the Commercial property in Ahmadabad has been at a satisfactory level for the real estate businesses.

Some Numerical Information Of Residential Property In Ahmadabad

The spur in the business activity has led to a meteoric rise in the prices of office and commercial space, this sector has seen an increase of 20% -30% in its value. Especially areas like Parts of Prahalad Nagar, East Ahmadabad, SG Highway, and Ashram Road. With close to 39 million square foot of residential projects already completed builders now are aiming to develop another 30 million square foot of residential projects in the next 2-3 years. About 1.1 million square foot of office space is under construction, adding to the already existing 3.5 million square feet space. It is estimated that the in next 2-3 years, another 2.5 million square feet commercial space would be added. Such increased activity has led to immense competition among the real businessmen guaranteeing quality final product to the end user.

Builders of repute from neighboring cities are also showing immense interest to develop residential and commercial property Ahmadabad. Big players like Khyatirealities group, Godrej properties and Hiranandani builders have already started developing their ambitious projects in the city. Though the prices of real property in surrounding areas has been inconsistent, and been subject to correction, investors in Ahmadabad have been less worried with the prices remaining stable.

With the economic and business activity showing no signs of slow down even in the global recession and more and more foreign companies showing interest in setting up businesses, the real estate business is gearing for an all time high in Ahmadabad in the next few years. Property in Ahmedabad boards everywhere is attracting all, from city dwellers to NRI’s people are interested in investing and cashing in on the boom. People are investing more in real property as compared to gold or any other investment opportunities. The real property has seen appreciation in value that is close to 50% in the past three years.
Ahmedabad has been well known for its businesses and it still holds the same fame today. Therefore, business class people see a bright career there. This is why there has been a very high demand in the commercial property in Ahmedabad. The Khyati Group is known to create spaces that eventually become success stories in their own right. And this time Khyati Realities Limited comes with its Much-awaited commercial project Magnifico.

Magnifico is a specialized commercial and retail space perfectly situated in Bodakdev where retail shops and offices starts from 500 square feet. The perfect location and elevation of the building makes Magnifico a lifetime opportunity to grow your business.

Magnifico is Spanish word which means Magnificent. The word denotes supreme Importance of a person or a thing. Magnifico, commercial property in Ahmedabad by Khyati Realities Ltd. is a specialized commercial and retail space perfectly situated in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Which, with its excellent connectivity, significant infrastructural development and cosmopolitan, upwardly mobile population, ranks amongst the finest area of Ahmedabad.

  • Basement Parking
  • 3 Sets of lifts and stairs
  • Matt vitrified tiles in passages
  • Lavishly landscaped common plot
  • Adequate exterior lights
  • Signage space for all shops
  • Ample visitor parking facility

  • RCC frame structure building
  • Automatic Capsule Glass lift
  • 14’ feet height for the ground floor shops
  • Attached toilet for all the offices & Shops of the first and second floor
  • Open terrace for fifth and sixth floor offices
  • Vitrified tiles flooring in each shop & office
  • Significant signage space for each premise
  • External Sand – Faced plaster with Acrylic Paint
  • Adequate Electric Points & Conceled Copper Wiring
  • Adequate exterior lights
  • Lavishly landscaped common plot with seating area
  • Basement Parking
  • Ample visitor parking facility
If you are interested in the Magnifico then contact us on 91-079-26584335 or mail us inquire@khyatirealities.com.
The Khyatirealities Ltd. is coming up with its latest residential new and affordable house project in the new area of Ahmedabad. Green City is a luxury residential project at Ahmedabad comprises of 1 RK and 2 RK flats with distinctive looks, comfortable and spacious interiors. On the Huge demand of affordable housing Khyatirealities Ltd take initiatives for developing properties in low cost and affordable segment for those populations who are the lower or middle income households.

Khyatirealities Ltd. is launching their new project “GREEN CITY” having Around 2500 Residential Property In Ahmedabad with a concept of “Community Leaving”. It is a very large project with difference. It retains the traditional ethics of the city while offering the best modern amenities; the city is designed to be self-sufficient facilities to complete requirements of the residents, including shopping. Just an easy walk to College, city cafe and boutique shops, and just 1.5 Km. from the SP Ring Road, Also it is easily accessible from all key locations. The home is perfect for the busy family who wants all life’s luxuries at their doorstep.

You can see also a great response of this housing project in various news papers.

With the advancement in technology, use of the Internet has increased. Apart from being an entertainment and information source, it is widely used as a marketing and promotional tool by almost every businesses organization today. Today, more than 80% of the people start their home search on the internet.

They find it more convenient to begin with it for doing good research about the areas and relevant price of the properties online. This is because looking for home online actually offers many advantages like you can browse through them from your home comfortably and initially it is a good way to narrow down some properties according to the requirements which you intend to see personally rather than seeing all of them in person.

Your can see online company identity is reflected on the website by the inclusion of company colors, logo, content and images. A real estate website can also show promotional videos and images of their services. Website chat service can help clients to clear all their doubts. If they easily get answers to their questions, they can think of purchasing a piece of land from your company. Customers also see a website can display photos of some houses which they want to sell. Sellers are impressed by seeing their home on the Internet. You can use your web site as a focal point for forms, feedback etc for your clients. Through website you can establish your name in the competitive world of business. You can also assist your client with the latest updates as and when they require.

Some real estate listings websites available also allow you to view photos of houses interior as well as exterior to help more to shortlist and select them. You can find lots of websites with residential real estate listings on the web where you can find all necessary information of the properties located at your local area and at other cities or countries.  By browsing through these sites for finding the house, you definitely find more places and options compared to you see them in person. You have wide options to see to make a right choice.

The prices related to each property are also being mentioned on these kinds of sites which makes easy for the buyer to make a decision. Also, we can search for properties setting a particular budget so that we can see all the options available which stand in our budget.
These real estate portals are made to make your life easier. Through these real estate websites one can get information about the world's best locations. For example you can visit www.khyatirealities.com real estate website for Residential Property In Ahmedabad. You can see in image a chat box, property related new, their various property, company information etc provide on some click with the help of internet.

On the Huge demand of affordable housing Khyati Realities Limited take initiatives for developing properties in low cost and affordable segment for those populations who are the lower or middle income households.

New residential project “GREEN CITY” having Around 2500 Apartments with a concept of “Community Leaving”

Pay Rs. 9,51,000/- Only

For 2 Room Kitchen

And get Benefit of Rs. 2,50,000/-


Pay Booking Amount of Rs. 51,000/-

For 1 Room Kitchen

And get benefit of Rs. 50,000/-

Scheme valid till 08.06.2013

Green city is designed to be self-sufficient facilities to complete requirements of the residents, including shopping. Just an easy walk to College, city cafe and boutique shops, and just 1.5 Km. from the SP Ring Road, Also it is easily accessible from all key locations. The home is perfect for the busy family who wants all life’s luxuries at their doorstep.

Price will be Revised soon

SO HURRY UP . . . . . . . . . . . . 

[Call now on 840 10 12345 / 840 12 12345 / 840 13 12345]

Khyati Group now aim at achieving unparalleled heights and be recognised as the one of the most admired and trusted developers and builders. Their are 6 Residential Property In Ahmedabad Krishna 99, Greenleaves, Greenera, Green Aura, Kadamb Residency and New one is Green Bonito.

These project are available at an affordable price to the end users and seems a good opportunity for investment purposes. The company understands the residential needs and standard of life better than others that is the reason to come up with new innovative features in its every projects and Residential Property in Ahmedabad.

Presentation source available on http://khyatirealitie.blogspot.in/2013/01/six-residential-property-projects-in.html

Thinking of shifting to a new place or planning to buy your own mansion flats at Ahmedabad are the best options from where one can choose from. If got a chance to buy apartment in Ahmedabad you too would love to own one for you, wont you? You would love to have your own flats at Ahmedabad, right? If you want to purchase Ahmedabad flats and apartments then go ahead to make it your own as it is an perfect period to invest in the real estate sectors of India. Market is booming and taking up pace as fast as the rate of the things are increasing in the city.

Now days, number of upcoming residential projects like 1/2/3 BHK Flats in Ahmedabad increase rapidly. KhyatiRealities Housing is coming up with affordable concept. They are coming up with 2/3 BHK flats in Ahmedabad with basic amenities and luxury lifestyle, thus cutting the major cost and making the end product affordable.

Now days with small nuclear families, everybody require a small and sweet house. Apartment and flats in Ahmedabad are well furnished and safe to live. Your kids can play safe in such apartments.

Khyati Realities Limited stepping into the Real Estate world and initiating the endeavor with an extraordinary zeal, a decade and a half ago, and the Group’s journey leading to success has been a glorious one.

After successful launch and implementation of Estate developmental projects in and around the Ahmedabad city, we Khyati Group now aim at achieving unparalleled heights and be recognised as the one of the most admired and trusted developers and builders. Khyati Realities Limited has large number of projects coming up where villas, lavish flats, apartments etc, are being build all of which are aimed to be equipped with world-class amenities.

With this Aim the group consistently demonstrating a stronghold in developing Real Estate sectors of Ahmedabad City. Currently the 6 projects of our group are under development and on the completion stage. Their are 5 Residential Property projects In Ahmedabad Krishna 99, Greenleaves, Greenera, Green Aura, Kadamb Residency and one Commercial Property In Ahmedabad is Green Marrow.

Providing Outstanding Services and getting Outstanding Results …Year After Year, KRL Representing Prime Residential Properties “GREEN BONITO” at Thaltej, Ahmedabad. This project offers Residential 2 & 3 BHK Apartment at reasonable prices and the ‘A’ Grade amenities. The Project is ideally located adjacent to S. G. Highway, It is just 2 kms. from occupied residential areas, offices, restaurant, shopping malls and Hospital.

The company understands the residential needs and standard of life better than others that is the reason to come up with new innovative features in its every projects and residential schemes in Ahmedabad.

Kindly visit website khyatirealities.com for for more information their new projects of Flats In Ahmedabad. Just call us at 8401012345 or send an e-mail to inquire@Khyatirealities.com. Our Project experts will get in touch with you earliest.

As the economy of India is continuously growing which has led to the improved purchasing power of the people and increased demand in real estate investment.

Real estate development options in India are continuously rising with a rate of about 30 per cent with the passing of each year. Most of the properties in India were developed with the intention of fulfilling residential demands but the scenario has changed nowadays and the commercial property development is progressing a lot.  It has been observed from the recent survey that the real estate developers in India are investing more in commercial properties like business centers, shopping malls, multiplexes, corporate complexes etc. and gaining lot of profit. A large number of investors prefer to deal in commercial properties in India as the rates of property have and are likely to get high in the times to come.

The rates of commercial property are more than that of a residential property. Commercial real estate can be leased or owned. Commercial areas are usually having good infrastructure.

Commercial Real Estate is used to generate income. Basically it is used for business purpose. Due to high rates of these commercial properties, most of the business entities occupy the space on lease/rent. Investment in commercial property is a good option to produce lot of money for long term.

There are three ways to invest in commercial real estate: buy office space directly from a developer, buy shares of a commercial developer from the stock market, or invest in a real estate fund focused on commercial real estate.

The return on investment in the commercial market of India has increased a lot due to the retail boom and this causes the tremendous increase in the value of property. Commercial real estate in India is on a huge way.  Traditional retail shops, small shopping complexes turned into multi storied shopping malls which offer high end luxury tastes at middle class rates. This has increased the visitors and even the demand for more and more commercial property developments in India. The real estate market in India is growing with a lightning speed and this growth is solely due to commercial property developments and upcoming commercial real estate projects in our country.  Commercial property developments in India are categorized as shopping malls, multiplexes, retail outlets, IT parks etc., Commercial properties will have the ability to yield high profits and huge annual returns for the investors.

Ahmedabad is fastest growing metro city of Gujarat. In recent years there has been tremendous development in IT sector, Industrial sector, Auto sector and education sector apart from other sectors which are prime market drivers for the real estate development in Ahmedabad. The civic infrastructure of Ahmadabad is at par with other developed cities in the world. The city is well connected by air, rail and road.

Ahmedabad is a global emerging powerhouse which is very well positioned to prosper and grow in this new age of urbanization. The development in Industrial and IT sectors among other sectors has resulted in many job opportunities in Ahmedabad and many are looking for a new business and job opportunities which will result in rise in the population of the city. The Commercial Property In Ahmedabad are mostly comprised of shops, retail spaces, office spaces and showrooms.

The company undertakes all its projects with an end to end approach – from identifying land to final delivery to the customer. It does so using international methods and practices relevant to Indian real estate scenario.